In recognition of an urgent need to protect and guide children in their use of the internet, Stairway and the Department of Education have formed a partnership on child protection, particularly Online Protection of children.  Part of this collaboration is a CyberSafe Project, which addresses the need to protect Filipino children from cyberbullying and online child abuse.Consistent with our respective mandates, DepEd and Stairway envisioned the creation of the CyberSafe Project Manuals, believing that educating students, teachers and parents about Online Safety is the first step in protecting children from the potential risks associated with the use of the internet and social media. The CyberSafe Project Manuals consist of several Online Safety Lessons, written by selected DepEd Child Protection Officers under the supervision of Stairway Foundation.

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In light of the released Senior High School Teacher Hiring Guidelines, the Department of Education (DepEd) answers queries concerning anyone wishing to apply. These frequently asked questions address concerns pertaining to:

  • Internal DepEd applicants
  • Personnel Selection Board (PSB) and Division Selection Committee (DSC) Compositions
  • Part-time and full time Senior High School applicants
  • Accredited organizations/Industry partners
  • The English Proficiency Test (EPT)
  • Other concerns

For more information on the hiring guidelines, visit DepEd Order No. 3, s. 2016.



The Senior High School Voucher Program is intended for Grade 10 (Junior High School) completers who wish to pursue Senior High School (SHS) education in non-DepEd Schools such as Private High Schools, Colleges, and Universities; Local Universities and Colleges (LUC); State Universities and Colleges (SUCs); and Technical and Vocational Schools, starting SY 2016-2017.

Through the Voucher Program, students and their families are able to exercise greater choice in deciding the Senior High School program that is most relevant to their needs and career goals.

The voucher enables students to claim a “discount” or a deduction from the cost of tuition and other fees charged by a non-DepEd SHS where he or she will enroll. The voucher subsidy is not given to students directly in the form of cash but will be disbursed by DepEd to the non-DepEd SHS where he or she enrolls.

Want to know more about the Voucher Program? Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions for details.